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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Life is good!! I heard a Bebo Norman song, that was in my wedding, on the way home from a meeting last night that makes me tear up every time. The song talks about how a man and a woman are brought together and blessed with a life lived together. One of the lines is "the God of second chance let them dance in a world that is unkind." When I reflect on that song and that line, I cannot help becoming overwhelmed by thoughts of how that truth is being carried out in my own life. God gave me a second chance in life and blessed me with a wife that I don't deserve. The beauty of her soul and the grace that she so freely shows me is a reflection on her creator. Thank you Lord for the blessing of Mesha!
After being overwhelmed by God's goodness in the car, I was blessed to have the opportunity to spend some time with my lovely wife. Mesha is a RN in the birthing center at St. Cloud Hospital and works ulternating day and night shifts. This weekend it was the night shift, so we haven't seen much of each other since last Thurs. We spent time just talking about the day and thanking God for each other. I can't think of a more satisfying evening. I hope you all are reminded of the blessings found in relationship today. God, the triune God, who is eternally one God in community has created us to love Him first, but also to love our fellowed created beings. He allowed us to share the love that He so easily could claim entirely, with other created beings. We were meant to be in community and it is such a blessing! Let someone else know they are a blessing today!


  • At 8:15 PM, Blogger Bradley M said…

    What Song was that dude? i love Bebo. Saw him at upper room this summer. sweet tunes

  • At 1:58 PM, Blogger John Torkelson said…

    It is "A page Turned." It is on his very first independant CD and is on his first national release.

  • At 7:07 PM, Blogger Neiss Family said…

    Yeah Mesha is pretty neat! Glad you married into the fam John! You are so good for her!


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