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Monday, December 13, 2010

Not our idea of a good week

Last week was not our idea of a good week. For those who didn't know, we had a surprise pregnancy that we discovered on Nov. 29th. We were not planning to have any other biological children because of the difficulties that Mesha experiences during pregnancy. However, after the initial shock and initial concern, we were extremely excited to be having our third child that we always wanted. Last Monday, Dec. 6th, the emotional rollercoaster continued for us. Mesha suddenly experienced intense abdominal pain in the morning as she got ready. She quickly left for the ER as I took care of the kids. She didn't make it, pulling over and calling an ambulance because she was going to pass out. After getting to the ER and receiving an ultra sound, and after I finally made it over to the ER, we found out that Mesha had a tubal pregnancy and that she was bleeding internally pretty severely. She was in surgery with in half an hour of our initial consultation with the OB doc. The surgery went really well and Mesha was home by about 5pm that evening.
We were extremely sad about the loss we experienced and have been doing a lot of processing over the past week. We have experience a ton of love and support from our friends and family and really feel blessed at the blessing that those around us have been. We also want people to know that while we have mourned the loss of this pregnancy and the missed opportunity to hold our third child and watch it grow and all that goes with it, we are praising God for his strong presence and protection of Mesha. The Doc. explained that Mesha was bleeding profusely and that she would have certainly died at other times in history.
Praise God for protecting my wife. Praise God for showing us his grace through this painful experience. Praise God for friends who listen and say the right things at the right times.


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