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Monday, April 26, 2010

"I wanna hold it"

So again, I have to say that I absolutely love being the dad of a two year old (yes, there are times, I would take this statement back in a heart beat, but then things like the following happen to snap me back to reality).

Conversation in the car last night....

Zaila - Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy......

Mesha- Yes Zaila....Zaila.... Look at me Zaila, I am answering you (at which point Zaila actually notices that Mom is now paying attention to her) Can you say excuse me mommy, your dad and I were talking?

Zaila - Excusy me mommy!

Mesha - Yes Zaila

Zaila - I wanna hold it....I wanna hold it.....I wanna hold it......

Mesha - What do you want to hold?

Zaila - I wanna hold it, moon!

Mesha - Oh, wow, I bet you do want to hold the moon, but it is way to for up in the sky for you to reach it.

Zaila - (Makes noises as though she is trying her hardest to reach the moon)

Mesha- Do you know who goes to the moon and can touch it? Astronauts! They fly all the way up there and touch the moon.

Zaila- I wanna fly and hold it, moon! (Makes reaching noises again!)

I love the way her mind is so innocent and desires so pure. She sees the moon as this small ball like thing she could hold if she just could reach it. Of course, when you can't reach something, you tell mom and dad and they get it for you to hold! Just a fun time in the car on the way back from Small Group!


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