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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I just read a post from a friend that had the blessing of being at last night's concert featuring David Crowder, Shane and Shane, and The Robie Seay Band. She talked of being refreshed and renewed through the art and words of these incredible artists. I am going to the same concert tonight with my wife and a couple of friends. I cannot wait to be showered by the words and notes written for the King and to gain the fresh perspective that I always seem to get when attending these "praise concerts." All I have to say is that these bands are truly using the gifts God gave them in amazing ways. I am blessed to have the opportunity to experience that expression this evening. I am stoked!
Since my last post, I have had a few noteworthy events in ministry and life. My youth ministry played a game at the Mall of America last Saturday called "Where is Waldo." It went very smoothly despite my fear that it would be a bomb. The students had a blast and it gave me the opportunity to include several parents in our ministry. Even my regular volunteers seemed to have a blast dressing up and seeing if any of the students would recognize them. There is nothing like the feeling of a successful event!!
Another awesome event in the life of the Torkelson's was attending our nephew's dedication this past Sunday. My brother-in-law practically filled an entire section in our small church with family and friends there to support them in dedicating little Dillon. Many of these people are not believers and it was cool that Chris would think to use this occasion to bring them into the church. It is really perfect if you think about it. All these people care deeply about little Dillon and would not miss this opportunity to witness a special occasion in his life. At the same time, they were exposed to church in a non-threatening way. It does not hurt that our Associate Pastor did a great job of preaching on loving God and what that is about this Sunday. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize how perfect that sermon was for this group. His message pointed out that loving God is not about a bunch of rules, but it is about a way of life that reflects our love for the Father. In other words, Christianity is not about dos and don'ts, but is about loving God and loving others out of the overflow of grace that is given us by God.
May God lavish you with love and grace today!


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