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Friday, September 12, 2008

She's already 5 months!

Well, Zaila was 5 months last Sunday and I only just got 4 month pictures up here. I am definitely falling behind. I will try to add some new pics soon. At least, before the big 6 month mark. She is doing extremely well. She continues to sleep a long time at night (like 10 hours!!!!). She has a pretty set schedule, but can adapt pretty well with ours too! She is rolling over both directions and is becoming somewhat mobile because of this new ability. A couple weeks ago, she decided she could pull herself to standing when holding on to her grandpa's fingers. (Crazy!) She can sit up with her hands on the floor to brace herself. And, she has started rice cereal. I was sitting with her the other day and she started trying to pull herself up on the coffee table. (She was unsuccessful) I immediately sat her down and gave her a talk about taking her time and being patient. She just smiled her big toothless smile as if to say..."Dad, don't worry, I'll always be your little girl." Oh, I almost forgot. She is saying momma, too!!! My baby is saying her first word! What the heck?
Mesha and I are doing well. We are both really busy with the fall kick offs and stuff for youth. Mesha is still working at the county even though most of those she was friends with there have moved on to bigger and better things. She works hard and has been told that she should be in management! She is definetly good at what she does!
I am starting my final year of Seminary in a week!!!! I can't wait to be done and this time, I actually can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am supposed to be working on some papers right now. They'll get done and this year should be over before I know it. That will be great. Mark my words. NO MORE SCHOOL after this point! Have a great weekend!


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