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Monday, April 21, 2008

More Pics of my beautiful daughter!

This weekend was rough. It began on Saturday morning, when Mesha was desperately calling for me in our room. Zaila had thrown up all over herself. This was not the normal baby spit-up, but was full on throw up. We called the clinic and were quickly on our way to ready care at our clinic. They checked her out and sent us on to Children's Hospital for some tests. After a five hour stint at the hospital, where they wouldn't allow us to feed Zaila, we were on our way with the answers we wanted to here. It seemed that Zaila was fine. Then....Sunday night as we were getting ready to head up for bed, Zaila began projectile vomiting. It was even more stuff than Sat., so this morning we headed to the clinic again. Tomorrow brings more tests to make sure there isn't a physical problem with Zaila's system. Then, if that turns up fine, we move to allergies and sensitivities. We may be looking at feeding our daughter hyperallergenic formula, which is also known as liquid diamonds or liquid gold. Pray for us as we figure this stuff out.

Here's the pics:

This last one is Zaila with her cousin Andrew Good, who is twelve or thirteen weeks older than her. Quite a difference in size!


  • At 1:53 PM, Blogger Lori said…

    Great pics!

    We will be praying for Zaila and her situation. Also for you and Mesha to get some much needed rest!


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