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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I feel so good today! The sun is shining here and it is supposed to get to 70 today. I made it through a difficult week last week and actually decided it wasn't that bad! I have a wife who loves me a ton! Life is good!
Mesha is fairly busy these days with Public Health Nursing. She has been in 12 hour car seat classes the last couple of days, so she is pretty tired. AFter finishing two more 12 hour classes she will be a certified car seat inspector, something she always aspired too! J/k However, she is excited to be able to help out new parents and I guess experienced parents with keeping their children safe in the car. She still loves this job, which is really great because life goes better altogether when you aren't constantly stress out about the next time you work like she was at St. Cloud.
I am comming off a very busy time in both school and church, so I am looking forward to some somewhat normal weeks here for a while. I preached again this past Sunday and it seems to have gone well. I am really starting to like preaching and will probably continue to preach when I get the chance and develop that skill more and more. Other than that, I am just pluggin away at school. I still have a little over 3 years left. I know, it is painful for me to say!
Mesha and I are going to get serious about buying a town house or house very soon. We are ready to have our own place and are praying that we can afford a place that will meet our desires to serve the Lord through some hospitality. God is faithful and we believe he will grant our needs and bless our desires to serve Him in some way!
Mesha and I are also both looking forward to our trip to Chicago at the end of the month. We are heading down there over memorial day weekend for some needed R and R and to visit some of Mesha's friends from her time at North Park University. It should be awesome!
I hope all of you out there are experiencing the beautiful day that I am and feel the renewing of life that comes with Spring!


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