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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So, the puppy saga has ended. It was a tragedy, really, and I am not totally ready to explain the whole thing, but we will not be getting a dog ever! I will update everyone on the long sorted story, but I need to wait for now.
In other news, we are totally ticked off at Cub Foods right now. At Christmas time they had boxes of movies out for like $6. We were enticed, so we each bought the other a movie for our stocking. We were finally able to watch Mesha's last night and were horribly dissapointed because it was scratched like crazy and we couldn't even watch it! Now, if the box that the movies were being sold out of had said previously viewed and had warned us to buy at our own risk that would be one thing, but the box said nothing. We don't have the reciept or anything, so I think we are out $6. My movie had a wrapping on it, with three seals, Mesha's didn't, so if you are ever buying discounted movies at Cub or anywhere else, remember to check things out thoroughly!
Everything else in our lives is going quite well! We absolutely love our town house and have had no problems with our association any of other neighbors. They are all very pleasant neighbors. However, we don't really know any of them, but pray that we can establish some relationships!!! Hope all is well with you all out there!


  • At 7:13 PM, Blogger Lori said…

    So sorry to hear things didn't work out with the pup!

  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger Chris Good said…

    Cub should be replacing them...I'd at least ask them. If you used a credit card, they may be able to look it up that way.

    As for the dog...sorry to hear that it didn't work out.


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