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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I know a lot of people have been blogging about Steve Irwin's death, but I too want to express my feelings. Crocodile Hunter got me through the stressful times in college. Steve Irwin's passion for his job and his crazy antics swept me away from the reality of my studies for a few sweet moments. Obviously I didn't know Steve from Adam, but the way he approached his life's work was incredibly influential on me. See, I would make fun of his over-exuberance with the rest of my friends, but when it came right down to it...the man was good at what he did and took joy in every moment. I know I only saw the edited film and so I cannot say I have seen the real everyday Steve, but I can't help believing that the excitement and joy that he portrayed in each segment was something that could not be faked. So, here's to the memory of man that loved God's creation (whether he knew God created it or not) and at least in my mind lived life to the fullest, enjoying all of what he did!


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