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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Do you ever get in a funk? Do you ever have times where life just doesn't seem like its great, but its not really bad either. It's just kind of there? I have been in a funk recently, and it almost seems worse than when life is bad. I have realized what is wrong and am taking action to move out of the funk, realizing I have only myself to blame for it. Last night our small group had a great discussion about this very topic. We talked about how Jesus promises us life to the fullest, but we probably don't really believe that this can be true because we don't pursue our relationship with him in a way that would suggest that we do. I thought about that some more today. I think that it is absolutely a true statement for me. I have been working hard as a Youth Pastor, husband, and even "Christian," but I have not put my faith in Jesus Christ to provide me with life to the full. Instead, I have relegated him to one and only one place in my life recently. I have relegated Him to the sole position of Savior. Now, don't get me wrong, that is a very important part...probably the most important part of Christ's work here on earth, but it is not the whole story. See, Jesus didn't stop with just getting us inside the gates of heaven. He reunited us with the God of the universe and created a place for us in His family. He promised us life to the full. What does that mean...Life to the full? We talked about this last night, too, in a round about way. I don't think it necessarily means that we will have money and cars and material things like many in this world would have us believe. Jesus didn't talk about the rich or the materially blessed in very positive terms and He warned his followers about trials that they would face because of their belief in Him. I don't think it necessarily means an adventurous life that includes traveling the world and meeting famous people. Christ was humble and only traveled a very small section of the world in His time on earth. (Although, some may be called to travel the world and speak the gospel, even to well known people, most of us will not be so called) Life to the fullest, means to me, living a life deeply connected to God, full of his unexplainable peace, content with the blessings He chooses to bestow, patiently waiting on His still small voice, passionately joining Him in the pursuit of the rest of humanity and expectantly awaiting the final coming of our mighty, loving, gracious King! Not something that comes naturally for us, but definitely something that the Holy Spirit, when allowed to be creative within us, can accomplish. Peace be with you!


  • At 11:59 AM, Blogger The Charlebois said…

    A funk? I have no idea what you're talking about.
    :) ...just kidding.
    Amen, bro. Preach it up. He has to be both Savior and Lord...not just there to make our lives better but to actually BE our lives.


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