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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Here goes...I will post my thoughts on the book Faith Thinking in several blogs over the next few days. These are initial thoughts and a rough draft of a paper, so go easy!! Here it is....

Reading Hart’s book Faith Thinking has been both an exceptionally challenging and gratifying experience. Through Hart’s detailed explanations and the questions that were raised for me in reading them, I learned a great deal and finally reached a philosophy of knowledge and a theology that transcends the flawed models that I have been forced to grapple with until now. While his ideas laid out in this book are not made with a greater mind the those past, I feel Hart has used this heritage to move our ideas about knowledge and theology to, yet, a higher plain. As I entered into Faith Thinking, I was immediately faced with ideas that challenged my carefully established system of thinking. I was first struck by Hart’s goal to bring faith back into public debate. I saw this as a futile pursuit based on both the modern rejection of faith and the postmodern’s pluralist relativism. In my mind neither a modern or a postmodern would be easily swayed by the faith that Hart wants to imbrace, namely Christianity. However, as I began to read further in his book and see the argument unfold, I was wonderfully surprised. Hart’s theory that faith allows us to transcend both modern and postmodern systems of thought challenged me greatly.


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