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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Here's another installment of my thoughts on Hart. For those of you that are getting bored, I think I am almost done???

It was at this point that I began to lose some of my enthusiasm and question Hart’s thoughts. His argument seemed to lack some strength when suggesting that we could make claims on Scripture by faith and then simply refine those claims as we came into contact with opposing claims, bringing us closer to reality. Where was the authority in Scripture and what gave this system superior standing over modern systems of interpretation and postmodern systems of interpretation? The answer to my question came quickly as Hart addressed Scriptural authority and inspiration. His argument that Scripture holds authority both in its place in Christian community and in the fact that the Holy Spirit guides both the writing and reading of scripture was fascinating to me. By faith we accept God’s story as our own and join the community giving this story sole authority in our life. By faith we accept it as told by the Spirit through the historical writers and that the same Spirit guides our reading of it. Therefore, we can interpret it in faith and in faith allow our interpretations to be refined through the process of experience and study.


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