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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sorry, if you have been reading about my thougth on Trevor Hart, I took a break. I will now continue to post segments of my paper.

The more I thought about Hart’s system of thought and ideas on reality, the more I realized how deeply they cut into my thoughts on Christianity. I wondered, even before he began to address it, how this new system affected both Scripture and Christian faith. I was captivated as I read Hart’s thoughts on Scripture as story and how we embrace this story and make it our own. The idea that Scripture is God’s story and the nuances that go with a narrative reading of it were not knew to me. However, viewing this material through the new lenses of Hart’s ideas on knowledge of reality gave me a whole new perspective. When we accept the story that Christianity has to offer as our own, we take it on faith and through process and reformation we constantly get closer to the reality of that story and therefore reality itself. I am not rejecting the more formal systems of study of the Bible for this narrative system. They have their place and are helpful for gaining insight into certain ideas. However, if objective knowledge in general is tainted by our individual situations, than certainly we cannot make objective or rational statements about the Bible. On the other hand, if we read the Bible any way we like, then there is no real authority in the Scriptures. It is by faith that we can make statements about scripture, while maintaining the obvious truth that none of these statements are provable.


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