The Journey

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Here's the second installment...

My previous journey in this area of study led me to reject the modern system of thought as too simplistic and ultimately fatally flawed. I reckognized, as does Hart, that we all look at things from our own unique perspectives. Even scientific experiments that are supposed to be objective, leave room for subjectivism in the explanation or interpretation of the results. We all have a unique upbringing with unique life events that shape our beliefs systems and in the end these belief systems shape our interpretation of future phenomenon. My rejection of modernity led me to a weak and unsatisfying connection to postmodernity. As a Christian I was uncomfortable with the idea of rejecting universal truth and was unable to embrace the type of pluralistic tolerance that this system embraces. Because I was uncomfortable with this association, I have been seeking an alternative to both modernity and postmodernity for a while. Trevor Hart’s introduction and explanation of “faith thinking” has given me that new system. The idea that we can still make universal truth statements using faith, while acknowledging our unique perspective in a situation, is so logical to me. Hart’s idea that we only get closer to reality through taking a stance on faith and then allowing experiences and truth claims to refine our thoughts makes a lot of sense to me.


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