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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Okay, getting closer to being done with the Hart thoughts. Here's more...

I was pleased to see Hart move on and bring tradition into his discussion of knowledge and faith. Many areas of our culture reject tradition as outdated and less developed than our current society. While there is some truth to these attitudes, tradition should not be rejected wholesale. Hart’s point that tradition is the foundation of development is an important point. For example, it would be foolish to attempt Christian theology without the benefit of the developments both successfully and unsuccessfully of those who developed systems of thought throughout the centuries. Hart made his arguments here so well, in my opinion, that he even convinced me of the benefits and the necessity of indoctrination. As I began to read about his ideas on indoctrination, my thoughts first turned to concerns about the irresponsibility associated with accepting beliefs without full understanding and good justification. In fact, I resonated with all the concerns he addresses on this subject on pages 170 and 171. However, Hart’s example of the learning process of young children and then his movement into the learning process of any field using indoctrination as a starting point hit home with me. I realized at this point that new Christians are all indoctrinated into the faith and with that cornerstone in place they can begin the process of further growth and discipleship.


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