The Journey

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We just got back from North Point Church in Atlanta, GA and it was incredible. I was blown away by their incredible focus and their honesty about why they don't do all the programs that other churches do. They focus on the 3 key relationships they feel a person should be developing as a Christian. These consist of a relationship with God, a relationship with "insiders" or other Christians and a relationship with "outsiders" or non-Christians. They realize they cannot force people into these relationships, so they create environments that will encourage and assist people in creating and developing these relationships. They are strict about choosing only those programs that create these specific environments and eliminate all the extras. I was inspired to not see excellence as a way of doing things on our own and leaving God out, but as a way to honor God and attract the lost. Another thing about this conference that was super exciting for me, was how practical it was at most levels. I was able to watch and participate in this church's sunday morning activities and not just hear about them, which made this conference much more beneficial. Also, the fact that we started with church at their main campus, which is huge and then were able to see the same principles being carried out in a much smaller and newer satellite was beneficial. We were inspired by the hugeness of North Point Church and then saw how these principles can be carried out on a smaller scale at Buckhead Church. I feel renewed, rejuvinated, and impatient for the future!!!


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