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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another one down!

I returned last friday from the second mission trip of the summer. This one was a little more intense for me because I was bringing four leaders and twenty-one students. The only thing that went wrong was getting lost on the way to the site. Youthworks! sent me the wrong directions, but we made it safe and sound! We had an incredible week in the Quad Cities serving and being served by the local community. I couldn't have asked for better churches to serve alongside or for better sites for my students to get the feet wet in missions. Youthworks! is awesome at youth missions trips and I don't think I'll ever do one without them. Both trips have been life changing for my students and on both trips the staff has been so on top of things that I am left to concentrate solely on investing in my students' lives. It is great!
I have one story I must tell before I sign off. One day we were working at a Salvation Army Day Camp and I met the most adorable little girl. We had just gone swimming and I always get the sniffles after swimming. I sat down next to this little girl who also had the sniffles. I mentioned that we both had the sniffles and then asked what her name was. She proceeded to tell me amidst a flurry of sneezes that her name was "Olivia, but they call me (sneeze) Olivia Sneezy!" What a great moment!


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