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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This is for all of my small group peeps out there reading my blog....

Mesha checked into service stuff through her work, but the privacy issues are too great. However, she did talk to her boss and figured out some stuff. We are heading to Chicago tomorrow night, so we will not have a chance to do anything more with this until we return. If anyone wants to look deeper into this, here is the info you need. Mesha's boss said to go to or call the senior center at the Monticello Community Center and ask for Pam. Explain to Pam what we are trying to do as a small group. (Find some lawn work or house work in the Monticello area that needs to get done) Pam should be able to hook us up with some people. If she can't hook us up, she would be able to pass on our desires to the seniors that come through there during the week and hook us up that way. If no one picks this up right away, it might actually be a week before we get to it again. We have a huge week for church when we return. We will, however, follow up if no one else has the ability. Thanks guys!!!


  • At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Mesha said…

    To add, if anyone is available Sat. the 3rd we are cleaning out the "garage" or the new youth area adn painting all the walls. We could use as much help as possible. The 4th is a huge day for youth, we have a fundraiser and its the official opening of the "Garage." Let John know if you can put some time in--we will be working on it friday eve. and Saturday!


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