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Thursday, October 04, 2007

I thought I would post more!

Man, I thought I would be updating this blog all the time now that we are expecting our first baby, but alas, life doesn't get less busy when you are having a baby.
Mesha is feeling much better these days, which is just in time because none of her clothes fit. Now many of you are saying, "its time to get maternity clothes!" However, when I say her clothes don't fit, I mean they are too lose. She lost a grip of weight with her morning sickness, so we are working on her eating a little more! (Not too much and she is keeping it healthy.) I think I can safely say, that will never be my issue!
This last weekend Mesha went to Maple Log with the women of her family and a couple of special friends! Sounds like they had a blast. I stayed back (of course!) and painted a couple rooms in our house. My good friend Greg came over last Friday and helped me paint our guest bedroom and our baby's room! I'll will have pictures later this week of the colors.
Well, that is the news around here. I hope all is well. Oh yeah, if you want to learn Greek, give me a call, I just started, but we can learn together!!!! J/K


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