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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Here's more on Hart...

It is to translation and transmission that Hart turned to next, and again, in my opinion, makes an important point for today’s Christian community. Hart reminds us that Jesus has called the Christian community to the mission of making disciples of all nations. He starts with missionaries to other cultures and explains the process necessary to translate the message to that culture. The missionary must be able to translate scripture to the other language obviously, but less obviously, the missionary must translate concepts, metaphors, and ultimately understanding. This cannot be accomplished by simply cloning our cultural form of Christianity. We must be able to understand our unique cultural traditions and let go of them in order to allow the gospel to transcend culture and place. In the same way, Hart suggests, that we must also acknowledge that the gospel must be allowed to transcend time. Therefore the church must recognize that over time the human understandings and activities that surround it in a certain place change. Recognizing this means understanding our unique generational traditions and letting go of them in order to allow the gospel to transcend time. Christians must understand that the gospel needs to be regenerated to be relevant to new generations. This simply means that the same substance or message is delivered with new tools and in new ways that are relevant to new generations. I like that he dealt with cultural translation first paving the way for understanding generational translation. I think many people have a hard time understanding the necessity for this change. Understanding it in the context of cultural translation makes this understanding easier.


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