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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Here is the last in the series of posts about Hart's book Faith Thinking...

After only one reading of this book, I can honestly say that I cannot find a point on which to disagree with Hart. This is an unusual situation for me to be in after reading a book of this nature. Hart, it seems to me, presents some radically new ideas to the debate in this book, but they are ones that I have been searching for in my journey in thought and theology. I am determined to read this book a second time, once again with a critical eye. However, I am not sure that this second reading will uproot any points of contention. I feel that Hart has unpacked and organized the confused thoughts I have been fumbling over for years. Reading Faith Thinking has challenged and delighted me all at once. It caused me to question, while at the same time bringing me wonderful new understanding. Ultimately I believe Hart has built a new understanding of reality and truth that honors the traditions of both modernity and post modernity by transcending both and leading to a more complete picture of knowledge and human interaction with reality or God.


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