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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey all.....

It has been a long stinkin time since I posted anything. I have a bunch of excuses, but I'll save them because I think everyone understands and no one wants a huge explanation. I'll update you as briefly as possible about the Torkelson's summer 2006.

Mesha has been in the emergency room 4 times in the past two months with kidney stone issues. One of those visits was on the way to a student conference in Tennessee at 5 am in Shelbyville Kentucky. Thanks to the wonderful doctors and nurses at Shelbyville Jewish Hospital. They got her drugged up (for the pain) and sent us on our way. Anywho, she had surgery last Wednesday and has been struggling to get back to normal since. She went back to work yesterday, but still isn't herself. Hopefully in the next couple of days, she'll make her way back to full strength.
In other news, we closed on our new town home in Buffalo MN about two and a half weeks ago and still haven't gotten much done in terms of unpacking. July 15-22 we spent an awesome week in Tennessee with some of my high school students. It was really sweet to see God meet us there and work in amazing ways with my students. Anyways, back to the house. We absolutely love our town house and feel incredibly blessed to be in a position to have purchased it. We pray that God uses it as a light in our community and a place of welcome and healing for our friends and aquaintances.
Other than that, we are pluggin a long. Mesha is still enjoying public health nursing and I still love my students at Quarry Community Church. I am currently on a short break from school this summer and head back in the middle of August. Oh Joy!!! At least, I have the knowledge that this is the last summer I have to attend classes. Yeah!!!!
I hope all is well. Talk to you soon! (In other words, I am planning on updating a little more often)


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