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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Glad that's over!

Man, this holiday season has done me in. My wife and I have been running to and fro to the point of exhaustion. If it wasn't for God's grace in teaching us both significant lessons this past month, I am not sure we could say anything good came out of this past month. However, as I think more about that last statement, I realize that isn't completely true either. We have had the opportunity to spend time with family, which is more that many others in the world can say. We also had a few good hours of quality time between us that we can file away as memories. I think it was just hard this Christmas because Mesha had to work over Christmas. It didn't really feel like Christmas because my wife was missing. I was thankful my family came to the church I serve to be with me on Christmas eve, but it couldn't be the same because Meesh wasn't with me. She expressed that she felt the same about being at work on Christmas. We celebrated the same with family, just on different days, but it still made Christmas different. I never thought I would be this affected by my wife's absence at something, but she really means a lot to me. She does not take the place of God in my life, but instead she builds into my the relationship with God. It is almost like we have a co-relationship with God. I wonder if that is what is meant by "two becoming one?"
Well, I am glad to be back in the regular routine of life and ministry! I hope you all have had a blessed started to the New Year. I know that Mesha and I believe this new year holds many hopes in both the good and bad times we will face in 2006. However, that hope only comes from a faith that is bolstered by our relationship with the Creator and Redeemer of our lives.


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