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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I feel really satisfied with my life today. I have been reminded of the incredible blessings that surround me in my life. I have parents that care deeply about my wife and I and really want to see us succeed. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work at an incredible church with incredible people who, like me, are just trying to be more like Jesus. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to attend a great seminary and learn more and more about the one I follow. (I know, it was hard for me to say that going to school is a blessing, but when I dug deep I had to feel blessed!) I was also reminded this morning that I married up! I was blessed with an incredibly loving, talented, and beautiful wife. Yet, at the same time today I feel an insaciable urgency about the world. I have been having some discussions lately with two friends about theological issues and both have pointed out the radical love that Jesus showed his world. As I have thought and study since this discussion, I have been more and more convicted about just how radical that Jesus' love was and is. I have also become more and more convicted about how Christians are called to live that life the best we can now. Images of starving, Aids ravaged Africans have been plaguing my mind. Thoughts of environmental damage and efforts to clean up our world have been keeping me awake at night. The fact that countless "outcasts" have been rejected, boycotted, excommunicated and hated by Christians has been bringing much pain lately. I can't say that I have all the practical answers to fix all these problems. I am not standing in judgment of others or pointing fingers at others from a self-righteous position. I am feel the regret and remorse of my own inadequacy in these areas and realizing that I need to love. Jesus laid down his life for me in love! I follow him and wish to be like him! How am I laying down my life for others with the love He showed me? I think we need to focus more on that question as a community of Christ followers.


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