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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Okay....I'm a Hypocrit!!!

I have been bugging some of my fellow bloggers about updating their blogs, while allowing my to lapse for a while. I'm Sorry! I have no excuses. I just haven't been about blogging as often lately. I think I just wait until I have something that is maybe a little deep (at least for me) before blogging lately.
Mesha and I are doing pretty good. We are still praying that she will have a job change soon that allows her to participate in our church community more. She really is missing that connection piece to God. She wants so badly to be able to attend church and small group regularily. She also feels more called then ever to minister to youth alongside me. God has blessed me so incredibly with a wife that wants to serve alongside me in ministry!!!
I know this is kind of random, but I guess it reflects my mind tonight. I have been thinking a lot tonight and have been very convicted spiritually and as a ministry leader. I set a vision for my youth that reflects the churches vision of reaching out beyond our community to bring people into the Kingdom. This fall we were so excited and passionate about our relationship with God, each other, and passionate about our call to reach out. However, my students and I have let ourselves be distracted by life, busyness, and selfish desires. I have felt convicted of getting back on track personally with my Lord and convicted of remind my students about our vision. Tonight we had small group and read through several passages in the Bible, but two really hit me between the eyes. First, was Colossians 3, which starts out by telling us "that you have been raised to life with Christ. Now set your heart on what is in heaven, where Christ rules at God's right side." Then it goes on to tell us what that is all about. It is a very challenging passage and pierced right through to my heart. I think if everyone was honest, this passage can pierce even the most pious Christian men and women. It sets the bar high, but at the same time that I am intimidated by it, I am excited to rise to the challenge. I know, of course, that on my own I cannot meet that standard. However, I am excited to invite the Spirit's work in my life and on my soul, so that I might come closer to that level of redemption. I want to be purified by His fire and shaped by His mighty hands. The second passage that caught my attention is much like the first. It is Romans 12, which also encourages us to live holy lives and explains to us what that really means. We had an evening that was not always comfortable, but was very uplifting. We experienced a piece of true community with uncomfortable honesty, motivating teaching, and caring compassionate prayer. We were challenged as a community to re-evaluate our definition of love and make changes to bring radical love into our community. In other words, we experienced church tonight!!! Real Church!!!!! It was pretty sweet.


  • At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Emily said…

    Hey, sounds like we both got some encouragement last night...
    At my Chi Alpha Group last night, we read Ezekiel 16, and I feel that God touched a lot of hearts of those who were there... Basically, the message was on faithfulness, and how horrible we must make God feel when we forget to spend time with him throughout the day, or do things that He doesn't want us to do... However, no matter how many times we are unfaithful to Him throughout our day, we can be thankful that He was gracious enough to reestablish His covenant with us by sending us Jesus to die for us - making it an Everlasting Covenant!
    Yay! God is so good!


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