The Journey

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Well, school is winding down and life seems to have a couple of more open moments, so I thought I would update people again. This week during one of my classes I gave this blog a new look! What do you think? I had a couple of complaints from some "older" folks that they couldn't read my blog when it had a black them with white text. I don't know why they had a problem. I turn thirty in a few weeks and I could still read it just fine. Yet, I aim to please, so the new look is here to stay. I also added some of my blogging friends to the sidebar, so check them out. They aren't always the best at updating, but neither am I, so what can I say!!
In other news, Mesha and I have been busy on the house, but feel like nothing real is actually being accomplished. I think hanging some drapes and putting up more Christmas decorations are top on the list for this weekend. That should be an interesting process in the Torkelson household. Mesha looks to me to get out my power tools and go to town on these projects, but (and she does really know this) I am not really that skilled in the power tool area. It is actually quite comical to see, when I "do a project." What it basically turns out to be, is Mesha using my height and strength like a machine to get the project done. She tells me how to do it, then I think I know better and try it my way and then end up doing it her way, which usually works best in the end anyway! (I know that was a run on sentence. In case Julie is reading this) Anywho, hopefully soon both Mesha and I will feel comfortable having more people come by the house. It will be so fun to entertain all you that live near enough to come. For those who live far away (like the Cannons in Alaska) we'll have to post some pics! I hope everyone is taking time to actually enjoy this incredible season of the year. Happy Holidays! (Don't worry, I'll say Merry Christmas when we get closer!)

Monday, November 06, 2006

I am not sure who it was, but I was asked to update my blog, kindly being reminded that my busy brother-in-law has even updated his. So, I will satisfy those who actually still check in after my lack of attention to my readers.
Right now I am sitting in a seminary class that I actually enjoy. Lately, I have struggled with being in school particularly because of the class content or teaching style of professors. My involvement in ministry and my need to attend to family has really caused me to put school on the backburner of my life. It has become a second thought, until now. I have an incredibly intelligent and amazingly skilled professor for a class called integrative seminar. This class takes all the theology we have studied and applies it to the real world. Right now we are discussing how theology and science intersect. The questions we are asking are many. Do these two disciplines intersect at all? Can science speak into theology? How? Is there ever a time and place when theology speak into science? How? Why is our culture bent on claiming that science automatically trumps something theological or spiritual? Is this a realistic position to take or is it a subjective presupposition in the debate? Should there even be a debate?
This stuff is very exciting to me because while I am successful in the academic world, I do not sit well with topics or discussions that do not seem to practically relate to life or ministry. This class takes many ideas and concepts that we have discussed for over a year and applies them to more practical disciplines and ministry applications. Another reason I am really excited is because as we sit and discuss the interaction of theology and science, Time Magazine featured this debate as its cover story. This is active and relevant stuff that is really on the minds of Americans right now. If I can have more classes like this, I think I might actually make it through three more years of seminary without to much trepidation.
For those of you not really interested with the above topic, here is a little update on the Torkelsons. Mesha and I made it through an extremely busy October. I was gone on retreats and conferences 11 of the 30 days of the month. Add work, school and other obligation and we did not see much of each other. We are excited to have more time together!
Mesha has been busy getting us going on projects in our now not so brand new townhouse. While I typically put up some resistance to being involved in these projects, I do have to say that I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment in finishing various things in MY HOUSE!!! Its a good feeling. Other than this, we do not have much more news. We are looking forward to the Holidays and seeing family. Also we are in the fun process of deciding what our vacation plans will be for the next year. Hopefully, I will get back into this blogging thing now that my life is slowing slightly after a busy summer and fall. ??We'll see??