The Journey

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring, Flip Flops and Some Relief!

I guess my lack of updating this blog says something about the past few months. They have been the most intense that I have experience in my life. Dealing with loss, attempting to do well at school, work, home, church......... So, some things (i.e. this blog) were left undone. Yet, in the intensity that this last quarter was, I had a profound sense of calm, which is really not normal for me. I guess after seven years of school, I should finally be figuring out how to handle it all! Well, some of the highlights of winter for the Torkelson clan was celebrating Makai's first birthday, the huge amounts of snow in MN, a trip to Colorado, and some fun family days at the MOA or at home. I can't believe our baby boy is one! He is such an amazing kid with a great sense of humor. He is really trying to talk and loves to give everyone hugs and kisses. Zaila is going to be three this week, which I think makes me choke more than Mak being one. She is actually three going on 13! She has a ton to say at all times and loves to do art, play outside and take care of her babies. She has said some of the craziest things lately. The latest is that Michael Buble loves her. Apparently all the songs he sings about love are aimed directly at my daughter???? Mesha and I took a trip to Colorado in Feb. to attend a friend's wedding. It was good to spend some time away from the kids and we really enjoyed the wedding. It was up in the mountains and was incredibly beautiful. We are glad that Spring has finally sprung here in MN! By the time March ends, I am always more than ready to see the snow go and the green to return. The kids have been eager as well and they sneak outside any chance they get. Zaila has also begun to insist on wearing flip flops any chance she gets. We are really looking forward to this summer when we get to ride bikes, go to parks and have picnics. We are also really looking forward to this summer because I will finally be done with school forever! And yes, I mean it this time. I graduate with my Post-Grad. Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy in June. Then it is on to finding work and studying for the big National Licensing Exam! I am not sure we will know what to do with ourselves, especially as fall hits and I don't return to school. Hope all is well and I will try (and maybe will fail) to keep this updated....that is if anyone actually reads it. ;)