The Journey

Friday, February 08, 2008

Its getting closer!

Mesha is now almost 33 weeks and that means we are less than two months away from a baby. Yikes!!!! I am not ready, yet! Can't we wait a little longer? Ok, I know that it is a rediculous response and yes I am terribly excited to meet our little one, but now that it is looming in the very near future, it is freaking me out a little bit. It doesn't help that I hung out with my brother-in-law last night that has one less than a month old and is telling me that I will never sleep again. So, pray for me because school, work, and a baby seems a little overwhelming at the moment.
Mesha is doing well and probably is beginning to have the opposite feelings that I expressed above. She is actually feeling really well, but is probably ready to get this thing out of her. We were at the doctor this week and he asked if we were having a girl when he finished listening to the heart beat. (We haven't seen this doctor in our group very much, so he didn't know we tried to find out, but couldn't) When we explained the situation and told we didn't know, first he thought that was great and then he said that his guess was girl according to the heart rate. I would be terribly excited if he is right. For some reason I really want a girl first. However, we all know I am going to be goo goo over boy or girl, so it really doesn't matter. Hope y'all are doing great out there!