The Journey

Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Minute Friday...Moving On

Sorry I did not write last couple of Friday's.  It's been a busy time and I didn't honor my commitment to write at least every Friday.  Anyways....

Our house Sold!  It's not over until we close according to our Realtor, but the bank and the buyer have come to an agreement, so we are free (if everything goes as planned).  Now the stress of packing everything up and moving.  Where to?  You ask!  Well, right now we are moving in with some really close friends from church in Monticello.  However, there are some possibilities on jobs for me other other states.  Yikes!  A little apprehensive about that.  We are praying for God to lead us to where he wants us, but we really hope that is Monticello with our friends.  But that is not really how it works when you place your whole life in His hands.  We don't get to pick.  So, we are waiting for guidance (and using the brain and experiences He has given us) to make a wise decision about our future.  If you want to pray with us about that, we would really appreciate it.  We know that God has plans for our little family and we have great faith in Him to carry out those plans in ways we could never imagine, but we do covet your prayers!  Now off to finish a sermon, watch kids, and get ready to move.  Not a boring day, that is for sure!  See ya next Friday.