The Journey

Thursday, July 19, 2007

What's going on?

There are so many things going on in my life, well possibly going on in my life, right now that I can't talk about. It is driving me nuts! I wish I could spill my guts on here and let everyone in on all the things I am pondering in my life right now. Alas, I cannot. They aren't bad things, but as I have grown older, I have discovered that good things sometime should remain secret until the right time. I know I am driving many of you nuts by writing about something I can't write about, but at least I know others are enduring the pain with me! Sorry, but it does make me feel better. Oh well, maybe some day I will be able to reveal what has got me excited, a bit nervous and totally perplexed.
On other subjects. No one has decided to let me borrow or give me their motorcycle, yet. What's up with that? J/k I would still take one if anyone out there wants to let a nice, young, youth pastor fulfill a dream!
I hope all of you out there enjoy your weekend....God Bless!

P.S. As I was confronted by two people asking about having a baby and this post, I would like to clear things up. I was not referring to Mesha and my future in terms of pregnancies, babies or kids in general. I guess I need to be careful how I word things or people get the wrong idea!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Our Missions trip was awe inspiring!

I have only been on one missions trip in my life until last week. It was a habitat for humanity trip when I was a junior in college and it was pretty amazing. We went to New Orleans to build houses for poor families in the area. We experienced a lot and developed friendships that lasted through the years. However, nothing could have prepared me to experience a mission trip with my students from church. To see God move and work in huge ways in such a short period of time is really quite awe inspiring. The last night as we went around the table and all my students including the tough guys choked up as they spoke about their experience was so encouraging as a pastor. I was crying like a baby! God is good all the time, but this last week, my blinders were removed for a brief moment and more of the splendor of our awesome God was revealed. I will not be the same because of it!
I will try to tell some of the cool stories over the next week and maybe get some pictures up. Pray for the Sr. High students at the Quarry that they will not walk away from what God has done and taught this past week. Pray that they would continue to seek Him earnestly even within the struggle of their daily lives!