The Journey

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From the mouths of babes!

My daughter will be two years old in a week, which is its own post because I can't believe its been two whole years since her birth. Anyways, she is very perceptive adn verbal for her age and understands that when something hurts on your body, you need a kiss from Mom or Dad for it to feel better.
The other day, I was changing her diaper and we were talking about about the size of her BM (yes, she brags about the size of her BMs...not sure where she got that?) Anyways, as we were carrying on with the changing of the diaper, her bum began to hurt. Here is how the conversation went:

Zaila: Owie, butt! Owie, butt!

Dad: Oh, does your butt hurt?

Zaila: Yeah, Kiss it!

Dad: (with a chuckle) Sorry, hunny, I know we kiss your owies, but we don't kiss butts.

Zaila: Crying a little, Owie, butt, kiss it, better.

Dad: I just can't kiss your butt.

Zaila: (with renewed hope) Lotion?!

Dad: Now that we can do.

Zaila: (As I am applying oitment to the affected area) Blow on it!

The things that little kids say and do! I had a good laugh that day.