The Journey

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, as most of you know and many blogs have already noted, it is "Idol" season again. Being a musician and avid "Idol" fan, I thought I would give my humble opinion. First of all, what is with Randy Jackson this year? Yeah, he is "successful" in the music industry, but the "dawg" can't sing a lick and he is really dogging a lot of contestants. I am not saying that he is correct in his evaluation, but get a hold of yourself. It's not like he's ever gotten any recognition as a singer! Now that I am done with that rant, I can move on.
This year, as always, the contestants have started off rough. None of the guys really wowed me last night, but here is who I like so far. I really like Blake (the blond beat box guy). He has a really great voice and just seems to have the star quality about him. Then it is Chris (the shaggy hair Chris). He is hilarious and fun and can really sing. I think I would be his friend if I knew him. Finally, I really like Sundance Head. Just because of his name. He really screwed up last night....again, but if he can get that soulful bluesy thing he had in his audition, he will rock America. Anywho, I guess that is my thoughts on the "Idol" so far this season.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It has been really fun to see what Sesame Street characters everyone takes after, but the funniest part of this whole craze was finding out my wife and my own. As you can see below, I am like Ernie. Guess who my wife is like....Yup Bert. We're Bert and Ernie!!! Isn't that hilarious!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Here is my Sesame Street character....

You Are Ernie

Playful and childlike, you are everyone's favorite friend - even if your goofy antics get annoying at times.

You are usually feeling: Amused - you are very easily entertained

You are famous for: Always making people smile. From your silly songs to your wild pranks, you keep things fun.

How you life your life: With ease. Life is only difficult when your friends won't play with you!
This is actually my true self when I am not stressed out with school. Only two and a half more years until I get to be my care free silly self again!!