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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Monday, May 03, 2010

I wanna bite it!

So, I am loving this past month or so with my daughter, Z. She has gotten to the stage of life where she understands so much and can say so much, but still has the simple mind of a two year, which makes for some very funny conversations. The other night, I was in the process of getting her ready for bed and we were cuddling on the couch when she suddenly decided she wanted to see the bunny that is often eating outside our back windows. She ran to the window to see if the bunny was indulging itself at the moment only to be dissapointed at its absence. Here is the following conversation...

Zaila - Awww, where did the bunny go?

Me - It must be done eating and went home.

Z - Daddy, I wanna see a bunny (as if I can magically make a bunny appear)

Me- I know you do Z, but the bunny went home.

Z- Repeats the above with more intensity.

Me- Honey, I am sorry, but I can't make the bunny come out to eat....Daddy's can't make bunnies do things like that.

At this point, I join her at the back window to see what was out there.

Z- (noticed some tulips that are full bloom at the house behind ours)....Look Daddy, flowers!

Me- Yeah, they're pretty aren't they?

Z- Yeah, pretty flowers! I wanna eat them!!!

Me- What?

Z- I wanna eat!

Me - Well, there are some flowers you can eat, but I don't think those flowers are the kind you can eat. Besides we can't eat those flowers because they are not ours. Our neighbors would be sad if we ate their flowers. (I know, your thinking way to logical for a two year old, but you don't know Z)

Z- Okay, daddy. Trees!!!!

Me- Yeah, there are trees out there too, huh?

Z- They are coming out. (referring to the leaves coming out.)

Me- Yeah, the leaves are out now aren't they.

Z- I wann bite it, tree!!!

Me - What?

Z- I wanna bite it, tree! That one.....I wanna bite it!!!!

Me- I don't know if it is a good idea to bite the tree, Z.

Z - I wanna bite it! I wanna eat it, tree!

Me- I think the tree would be sad if you bit it....why do you want to bite the tree?

Z - I wanna bite it, tree!!!!!!!! (Even more determined)

At this point all logic, manipulation, distraction could not get Zaila off the topic of biting the tree. So, we put her to bed. So fun to have that time with her this week.